Quick Tip: DECserver ConX4 and Auto-negotiation

Quick Tip: The ConX4 operates at 10/100 half duplex.To avoid performance issues, ensure that your Ethernet switch auto-negotiation feature is on when connected to a ConX4. [More]

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Connecting standard RS232 9-pin D-subs to DECconnect MMJ Connectors

Debugging or managing serial connections with a VT420? Here's what you need to connect the terminal to the serial port: [More]

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Vnetek Communications Announces New Business Segment: Northeast 3PL

Northeast 3PL offers a range of third party logistics services including warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, distribution and value added services to businesses across a variety of industries. [More]

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End of Sale Announcement: DECserver 716 Serial Console Server

Vnetek is announcing the End of Sale of all variants of the DECserver 716. [More]

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How Do I? Article 13: configure the DECserver 90M+ to store its settings permanently?

Is there a command that "stores" DECserver settings permanently? [More]